LAOS – Legacy of War

I first became aware of the problem of UXO (unexploded ordnance) contamination in Laos about 10 years ago. I already knew about the war that had taken place between the Pathet Lao communists and US backed Royal Lao Army and also the US’s aerial bombardment of Laos in an attempt to rupture the supply line known as the Ho Chi Minh trail during the Vietnam

Telskuf….Town sacked by isis

I've decided to post these pictures I took whilst in the town of Telskuf Iraq. I originally took the pictures to go with an article about a Christian refugee camp and what it’s new residents had fled. However I thought the images deserved a better show that what they got in the news article. I want to show the destruction and devastation left by war.

Sinjar, A City Under Siege

Everyone whose followed the rise of the so called Islamic State or Daesh over the past 18 months will have heard of Sinjar or Shengal as it’s called by the people of the area.  I’ve wanted to visit this area since I first watched the atrocities unfold on TV there last summer but was unable to at that time. This was my 3rd trip to

Kurdistan Portraits

A couple of weeks ago I found my self back in Kurdistan again.  The scorching 50° heat of August that I dealt with last time I was there had given way to a very pleasant 25-30° and made working so much easier.  One of the things I wanted to do while there this time was try to get at least one portrait each day in

Kurdistan Part 2 – Women That Fight ISIS

We left Erbil at about 9am for the city of Sulaymaniyah, which is situated about 180km to the southeast and is home to the women of 2nd Battalion, 6th Brigade, an all female unit of about 500 Peshmerga fighters. The temperature was already into the high 30’s°c and it was only going to get hotter. The journey was to take about two and a half hours and

The age old dilemma of what to take

I recently made a trip to northern Iraq on a photographic assignment for the Sun Newspaper. The initial brief was to meet with and photograph Yazidi women who had escaped from Islamic State after being sold into slavery. The second part was to track down and meet with any foreigners fighting with the Kurdish forces against IS, preferably British. We also wished to do a

Kurdistan Part 1:- Genocide 74

In August 2014 I travelled to Kurdistan with Sun Features Writer, Oliver Harvey, to cover the humanitarian crisis created by Islamic State following its infiltration of Northern Iraq and Kurdistan, their capturing of the cities of Sinjar and Mosul and the Kurdish Peshmergas efforts to fight back. Twelve months later we returned to witness the current situation. For those of you who've been on a

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