After finishing education Andy joined the British Army’s Light Infantry serving in Germany and United Kingdom. Andy’s career as a soldier was cut short due to a serious climbing accident. After a long recovery Andy began a new career in photography and soon started shooting for local news papers including the Bath Chronicle and Western Daily Press.  Andy is regularly assigned by National newspapers including The Times, Telegraph and The Sun and his work has been published Worldwide.

Andy Bush Photography
andy bush photography

His photographic specialities include travel, reportage and war. Andy has undertaken special assignments to some of the worlds most dangerous and violent hotspots in Afghanistan and Iraq.

More recently Andy has been photographing locations and people of South East Asia. His photos have helped to highlighting the horrific casualties of unexploded ordnance left over in Laos from the US bombing campaign during the Viet Nam War.  He has also travelled to Kurdistan-Iraq to photograph  Kurdish and Yazidi men and women and western volunteers who fight alone side them against Islamic State.